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About My Mind

I have a mental illness called bipolar disorder. Very few people know what life is like for someone who has a mental illness, or how it can affect the person’s mind, thoughts, ideas, lifestyle and perceptions of the world. This is because many people who have bipolar or other mental illness are shamed by stigma and reluctant to discuss their condition. I decided to create this blog because I want to break the stigma by telling people about life with bipolar disorder. Just because I HAVE a disease doesn’t mean I AM that disease.

All that most people know about bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions are the stereotypes about craziness and violent behaviour. It’s a lot easier to tell someone that you have cancer or diabetes or even an addiction than it is to tell them you have bipolar disorder. I decided to write this blog to show the world that people who have a mental illness are not stupid, crazy, violent or out of touch with reality. I’ve chosen to describe my blog as “The Mind” because I’m offering the public a unique glimpse into my mind, mental illness and all.

My life is about a lot more than just mental illness, and I want this blog to reflect that. I live a unique and complex life, I have a busy mind and I have a wide range of experiences and interests which I will be writing about. Of course, I will also be describing what it’s like to have bipolar disorder, at least for me.

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How My Mind Works

I will be writing under several categories. Some items will be be about bipolar disorder, how the mentally ill are treated in society and by Canada’s health care system, and other health issues; others will be on the lighter side, such as stories I will post about my pets and other hobbies, still others will be about stories from the news and my opinions about aspects of today’s society. My posts will reflect what’s going on in my life and how bipolar disorder, stigma and its effects on my mind have shaped my life and my view of the world.

My mind is open – is yours?