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Canada Has A Gun Crime Problem

Canada has a gun crime problem, and the causes aren’t what the public thinks – or is brainwashed to think. Here I will explore the causes of gun crime in Canada, and many are not the same as in the US. Many Canadians (especially liberals) call it a gun “control” problem, but it’s not the guns which are out of control, but the negro migrants who wield them illegally and the liberals who pander to and enable them.

Passing stricter gun control laws in Canada is a farce. Criminals don’t follow gun control laws and they’re the ones who are committing the gun crimes. Politicians and police are not doing enough to keep the public safe from gun criminals. Therefore, Canadians should have the right to bear arms just as Americans do, to protect ourselves from these armed criminals.

Like in the US, we also have mass shootings with illegal guns, like the Danforth shooting in summer of 2018, committed by a Muslim migrant with a stash of illegal guns, while police to this day have no idea where this individual acquired his murderous arsenal. Liberals have been very busy making excuses for this shooter, including making claims of mental illness orchestrated by the family’s taxpayer funded legal team, which crafted a carefully constructed and lengthy statement for a family which speaks little to no English. The family are welfare recipients who live in public housing (like most criminal immigrants) and the shooter’s brother has extensive gang connections and a lengthy criminal record including gun crimes. The Danforth shooter’s family is a typical example of the kind of people responsible for most of the gun crime in Canada.

Causes of Canada’s Gun Crime Problem

Unlike in the US, the primary reasons for skyrocketing gun crime in Canada are as follows:

  • minimization, obfuscation and denial of Canadian gun crime statistics by leftists and leftist media, which clouds the issue of who’s responsible for these crimes and the seriousness of the problem;
  • Institutional racism. Governments and law enforcement are coddling, enabling, and covering up for, the groups which are by far the most responsible for Canada’s gun crime problem: negro and Muslim migrants. Nobody holds these groups accountable for their actions. Typically officials divert blame to law-abiding, white Canadian gun owners, or to “racism”. In the meantime they lavish the real perpetrators with a VIP, work-free, lifelong, taxpayer funded lifestyle at the expense of the law abiding poor and Canadian taxpayers.
  • Inadequate and incompetent official response to the gun crime problem, by police, border services and all three levels of government. Federal and provincial governments download responsibility for tackling gun crime onto overworked, underfunded municipalities, where it’s easier and cheaper to focus on coddling gun criminals instead of protecting the public.

I will be discussing the gun crime situation in “sanctuary city” Toronto, as I live here and we have by far the most gun and other crime in Canada, as well as taking in at least 70% of all third world migrants and illegals entering Canada. However, gun crime is on the rise in all major Canadian cities, and for the same reasons.

Liberal Excuses

Today I received an email alert from Medium, a hotbed of liberals. Someone from Montreal had replied to a post I made there months ago, about gun crime in Canada.

Many Canadians like the Montrealer are complacent about Canada’s gun crime problem because they insist on directly comparing Canada’s situation to that of the US. They fall back on the notion that “there’s more gun crime in the US than in Canada, that means gun crime isn’t a problem here.” So they cheerlead for simplistic measures that disarm and punish law abiding citizens while doing absolutely nothing to stem the increasing tide of gun crime in Canada.

Here’s a stereotypical excuse used by gun grabbing liberals, including this one from Montreal:

“Oh please. The only reason there’s so many handguns in Toronto is because, quite simply, there’s so many damn handguns in the US floating around without registration. Then they get smuggled across the border and into the hands of street gangs on this side. If the US could curtail its fetishization over these things, we wouldnt see as many either.”

So, according to this line of reasoning, it’s America’s fault that teenaged negroes on Toronto streets are buying and selling guns, as well as shooting each other and innocent bystanders, at least once per week? It wouldn’t have anything to do with non-existent enforcement of those laws, primarily for criminals? (Canada enforces legal gun owners to death).

An alternative excuse now being promulgated by the leftist media claims that in fact most of the weapons used illegally by gangs and criminals come from legal Canadian gun buyers and owners who then sell their guns on the black market, or they are supposedly stolen from careless white gun owners who don’t store their firearms properly. In other words, they’re blaming Canada’s gun crime problem on the law-abiding victims of ludicrous gun grabbing laws for crimes committed by black and Muslim gun criminals in order to justify tightening such laws even more. The accusation that 50% of illegal guns are of Canadian origin is pure fake news – and in fact, due to incompetence and complacency, governments and police have no clue where these guns come from, since they don’t even keep records of this information – so they make it up and lie to the public.

Goodale Gun Lie
Canada’s public safety minister Goodale tweets his government’s favourite lie to justify gun bans

Real Gun Crime Statistics

“And no, we have nowhere near the gun violence that they do south of us. Statistically, we own more guns per capita, but we have about one-third the gun violence, if not one-quarter. I dont know the latest figures, but I *do* know that we’re amateurs compared to the US.”

Trying to compare gun ownership or gun violence gun for gun in a country with 37 million people, against the number of guns owned in a country with nearly 10 times that population, is utterly fallacious. The fact is that in Canada only 31 people per 100 own a legal gun. In the US that figure is one gun per person, for every person in the United States. So much for the claim that “we own more guns per capita”.

And perhaps these liberals who claim “we’re amateurs compared to the US” should take a look at Canada’s gun crime rate compared to countries in the EU. Out of 31 countries in the EU region we rank #4 in gun violence, behind France, Italy and Germany – and all three of those countries harbour the highest numbers of violent third world migrants in the EU, much higher than Canada’s criminal migrant intake. We also have the fourth highest gun suicide rate in the Americas, and 80% of gun deaths in Canada are actually suicides.

“And finally, our system of buying and then registering armament is hardly onerous. If you want to look at the alternative, look south. Is that what you really want??”

“Hardly onerous”? If it’s so easy to buy a gun in Canada why do only 550,000 Canadians hold valid legal gun licenses in a country that has over 37 million people? Why does WikiHow list no fewer than 12 steps for a Canadian to buy a gun? Why is it necessary for a prospective gun owner to memorize a raft of different laws that would make a lawyer blush, and take pricey courses and exams? Here is the entire convoluted and very expensive process to buy a gun legally in Canada.

Importing Gun Crime – Illegally

And of course we have plenty of negro gun crime here, several times a week in Toronto where I live there’s news of yet another shooting. A mix of negroes born in Canada, black immigrants from Jamaica and the US, and immigrants from Somalia and other violent, Muslim African countries like Syria are the ones who commit these crimes. So, as if we don’t already have enough of a gun crime problem, liberals eagerly import even more gun criminals.

All who enter Canada illegally are immune from legal accountability in Toronto thanks to liberal mayor John Tory’s decision to designate Toronto a “sanctuary city” which means giving illegal freeloaders who don’t pay tax the same access to public services as those who are here legally and do pay tax. The illegals, who mostly enter by crossing the Canada-US border, are primarily blacks from Islamic countries and Caribbean nations like Haiti. The US rejected many of their refugee applications. Many are Somalis with extensive and violent US criminal records, often they are under US deportation orders. Many came to Canada because they simply decided that US social benefits weren’t enough for them.

Most of them end up in Toronto, Canada’s dumping ground for criminal third world migrants. This is the reason Toronto has become the front line of Canada’s gun crime problem. The leftists remain ungrateful for the services being supplied to these illegals, and since the city was declared a sanctuary for criminals, they’ve done nothing but whine and complain that the free giveaways which should be going to poor Canadians are never enough for the illegal freeloaders. Meanwhile, the law-abiding poor and homeless lose access to needed services like housing and food banks in favour of criminals, and we’re forcing taxpayers to foot the bills for these illegal freeloaders, along with the costs of the crimes they commit.

This quote from one of only three Toronto city councillors who voted against the sanctuary city designation in 2013 perfectly sums up the bleeding heart foolishness behind both pandering to illegal migrants and the same pandering to migrant/immigrant gun criminals:

However, Councillor [Denzil] Minnan-Wong, a vocal critic of the motion, said undocumented people are illegal in Canada and do not deserve government services.

“We shouldn’t encourage them. We shouldn’t help them. We should not facilitate them. They are an insult to every immigrant who plays by the rule to get into the country. They are an insult to every immigrant who is waiting to enter this country legally,” said Minnan-Wong.

“It sends a message to the world that it is okay to break the law to come to Canada and it says that the City of Toronto is an accomplice to this lawbreaking.”

If we shouldn’t encourage, help or facilitate illegal border jumpers (many of whom start committing crimes when they get here, carry disease, or Border Services catches them running contraband including guns across the border), we should definitely not be encouraging, helping or facilitating immigrant or negro gun criminals who are already here. They are an insult to every law abiding citizen, including legal gun owners who are gradually losing their right to own a gun at all, thanks to the actions of illegal gun criminals.

These migrant criminals are also an insult to the taxpayers who are paying for their publicly funded housing and services, and to the poor who really need that housing and those services. Either way, by failing to do anything to put a stop to negro/immigrant gun crime, we’re sending the strong message to those criminals – and their victims – that all three levels of government in Canada are accomplices to their lawbreaking.

RCMP carrying luggage
RCMP officers carrying luggage across the border into Canada for illegal entrants – which makes them criminal accomplices.

A Lavish Criminal Lifestyle

So with Canada’s gun crime problem getting worse thanks to imported thugs, are we doing anything about the criminals? Are we rounding them up and putting in jail? What about the gun runners and dealers? If the majority of gun criminals were white Canadians – society would lock them up for life and confiscate their guns. But the criminals aren’t white Canadians, they’re black and mostly immigrants. This means liberal politicians and police cover for them and coddle them. They shelter thugs from the consequences of their actions with little regard for public safety. It’s a disgusting display which plays out every day, in the crime palaces known as Toronto Community Housing (TCHC).

TCHC: Taxpayer Funded Crime Palaces

More than 25% of ALL violent crimes in Toronto take place on TCHC properties, which house only 4% of Toronto’s population. This is an absolute disgrace. Violent criminals, gun runners and murderers don’t deserve to live in publicly funded housing. Especially in a city with a massive housing shortage and obscene rents (thanks to liberals bringing in too many immigrants). Only halfway through January 2019 there has already been a fatal stabbing at a TCHC complex. Another disgraceful statistic is that TCHC tenants are 90% black, when blacks comprise only 8% of the local population. Institutionalized racism and criminal coddling at their finest.

Subsidized housing corporations across the country deal with Canada’s gun crime problem in the best ways they can. Like TCHC, they’re stuck with an influx of illegal border crossers and other black immigrant criminals. They also have to contend with liberal policies, politicians and police apathy. Chronic underfunding doesn’t help. If they can’t afford to maintain their housing stock, they certainly can’t afford the security measures necessary when police refuse to enforce the law or identify gun and gang criminals.

At least five TCHC luxury crime spas surround my apartment building on all sides. They’re scattered across the Greater Toronto Area. The government calls it “public” housing, but it’s anything but public. Law abiding poor people wait decades to get in. As with buying legal guns, getting in to “public” housing is an insurmountable task for the average law-abiding person.

On the other hand, TCHC grants the negro criminal immediate access, and even holds the thug’s abode ready when they get out of jail. Every time they go to jail, TCHC holds their unit for them. Once the crook gets in, they’re in for life, and so are any offspring. TCHC permits criminal families to hand these units down through generations, living the high life on the taxpayer dime. This is how TCHC has become one of Canada’s biggest contributors to the gun crime problem.

The housing corporation even allows older black tenants whose children have moved out to stay in family sized townhomes. Here’s a sob story about a negro woman who was lucky enough to get to pay next to no rent while ensconced in a two storey subsidized townhouse alone for thirty years, but was recently evicted. She sat in that big house on her own for all that time while families had nowhere to live. The only reason TCHC finally removed the parasite was that the house itself became structurally unsound and TCHC couldn’t afford to fix it. Perhaps if they weren’t coddling undeserving parasites, they’d have the money to fix homes for the deserving.

These freeloaders use the extra space for illegal purposes such as running unlicensed daycares and rooming houses. Needless to say, these crooks never report their ill gotten income to the housing authority. Criminals can also rake in a lot of cash from buying and selling guns and drugs. That’s why TCHC parking lots are always full of brand new luxury sedans, SUVs and the latest luxury mega-pickup trucks. Why is TCHC allowing people who can afford these vehicles to stay in subsidized rental housing? Taxpayers paid to build this housing for the poor, not gun criminals and drug dealers.

Crime Poster
A poster alerting tenants in my apartment building about a violent negro criminal trespasser who attacked building staff. These incidents occur regularly here.

How TCHC Became A Gun Crime Paradise

Two factors contribute to this situation: racist tenant selection, and the fact that TCHC management is one of the most corrupt organizations in North America. They are heavily staffed and run by blacks. No wonder TCHC tenants are all black criminals, when black criminals dominate the management board. This farce has been going on for decades. Cowardly liberal politicians and police afraid of people calling them racists do nothing to stop it.

Not a single outside audit has ever been done of TCHC staff decisions, finances or internal practices such as tenant selection, despite the fact that in the past, negro senior staff have been caught stealing money and committing other improprieties. Here’s a 10 year long list of murders and manslaughters which happened on TCHC property.

Liberal Hearts: Bleeding For Black Gun Criminals, Not The Public

The liberal excuse for not throwing the negro thugs (and management) out is “but where will they go??” They care more about what happens to violent negro thugs than to law abiding members of the public. Another excuse liberals make ad nauseum to avoid ejecting the negro thugs is “well, most of the tenants are decent”. Why should we force “decent” tenants to live a life of fear while violent thugs and negro trespassers run rampant? They are the ones who suffer the most from Canada’s gun crime problem. Here’s a quote from one of the tenants living in fear, in the building where the stabbing took place:

Journalists interviewed residents of 40 Gordonridge over this latest killing. They had a litany of complaints about living in fear in rundown buildings; they said neither management nor security seemed particularly concerned about anyone’s well-being. One woman said she’d solved the safety problem for herself by putting double-locks on her door and keeping a length of pipe handy. She also never leaves her apartment at night.

Any comment on the murder?

“This is nothing new,” she said.

It’s nothing new for me either. These coddled VIP thugs get to impose a reign of terror within their crime palaces as well as surrounding neighbourhoods. This allows racist liberal cowards to continue to minimize and ignore this major enabler of Canada’s gun crime problem. In all of 2017, only 18 evictions of criminals from TCHC took place. The rest of the thugs continue to use public housing as a base to commit hundreds of violent crimes. These include drug dealing, assault, human trafficking, gun running and murder.

In a typical case, a teenaged negro gun criminal gets to keep his TCHC palace along with his family after being caught committing a gun related crime. Evictions are difficult because of bleeding heart liberalism and racial favouritism. Even if management wins the right to evict, activist liberal judges overturn evictions. Their sympathy for the thug’s family outweighs their sympathy for public safety:

Police had charged a 16-year-old boy living in social housing with weapons-related offences and his landlord wanted to kick him and his family out.

But the landlord, Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC), couldn’t access the teen’s police and court records that it needed to support the eviction proceedings because his identity is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. So, TCHC launched a court case to obtain the information.

However, in a ruling last month, a judge dismissed TCHC’s application and found that the youth’s privacy rights outweighed the landlord’s community safety responsibility.

We should force these activist judges to live in a TCHC ghetto surrounded by thugs for a month before allowing them to preside over TCHC eviction hearings. Perhaps that will readjust their priorities in the proper direction. If not, police should arrest them on criminal charges for actively contributing to Canada’s gun crime problem. Once again, bleeding heart liberal cowards shelter and coddle criminal thugs to avoid having anyone call them racists.

Authorities need to force gun criminals to face the consequences of their actions. In this case TCHC should kick this thug’s family out of rent subsidized housing. If that consequence were on the table before this little creep committed his crime, he may have thought twice before doing it. It’s called crime deterrence, a concept liberals are unfamiliar with, at least when it comes to negro criminals.

17 YO teen gun
.40 caliber loaded gun confiscated from a 17 year old negro on Toronto public transit, 2018

Breeding Gun Thugs

TCHC housing has become a literal breeding ground for criminality. Families stay in subsidized housing for multiple generations no matter what crimes members commit. The gang and gun lifestyle has become a heavily ingrained culture. This is what one social worker had to say:

“I wouldn’t raise my kids in metro housing. It breeds a certain mentality,” said Mike Hinds, an outreach worker who rehabilitates gang members for a group called Breaking the Cycle.

A product of public housing himself, Mr. Hinds said many of today’s youth are conditioned to believe they are born rivals. Infighting among gangs centred in Toronto’s community housing projects can be as common as it is in the Caribbean or Los Angeles, he said.

It’s gotten so bad that gunmen sometimes shoot their victims at random, Mr. Hinds said. “It’s not the individual person – it’s where you’re from. Because you’re involved by association.”

Police Incompetence and Apathy

Police are also to blame, for their refusal to enforce the law when negroes are the lawbreakers. In Toronto it doesn’t help that the police chief himself is black. When a gun battle erupts in a Toronto neighbourhood and someone dials 911, first they’re left on hold from 30 to 60 minutes. When and if they finally get to speak to the police, they’re either turned away or told a car will be there “soon”. Then the car never shows up. The only time they show up is after the fact, if someone dies or is critically injured with gunshot wounds. That’s the equivalent of closing the gate after the horse bolts.

Most of the gun criminals live in TCHC housing, yet police fail to move in on these gun ghettoes and clean out the subhuman criminal trash. TCHC is literally a gift for police, a concentrated hunting ground where the miscreants are conveniently offered up and easy to find. Yet cops seldom or never lift a finger to put them in jail where they belong.

When new technology becomes available to help round up these thugs, Toronto’s negroid police chief is sure to decline it. Most recently, Negro Chief Saunders refused a new technology that listens for and alerts police to the sound if gunfire erupts. Numerous US cities with high gun crime rates are using this technology. Toronto city council voted to fund and use the gunfire detection system. But Negro Chief is afraid it will violate the privacy of his gun-toting, murdering racial conspecifics, so no gunfire detection will be adopted in Toronto, gun crime capital of Canada. This is yet another example of liberals and negroes in positions of power placing the interests of negro criminals ahead of the interests and safety of law abiding citizens.

Taking Back Control

Obviously it’s time to take back control of Canada’s gun crime problem, which has spun far out of control and is costing innocent lives. It’s also costing billions of taxpayer dollars. Statistics prove that Canada, its politicians, and its police and border control officials have nothing to be proud of. Here are my suggestions to deal with this multifaceted problem foisted upon us by shortsighted liberal bleeding hearts and cowards:

  • Overhaul the immigration system. Stop letting in useless thugs with criminal records and those who follow violent, hostile supremacist ideologies. End immigration from crime-ridden countries like Somalia. Fire the incompetent Somali immigration minister Ahmed Hussen, who has done absolutely nothing to address Canada’s immigration crisis during his two year tenure. Allow only immigrants who have marketable skills and are fluent in at least one of Canada’s two official languages. Working immigrants are far less likely to contribute to Canada’s gun crime problem.
  • Secure our borders. We have a third-party agreement with the US. This gives us the right to automatically deny refugee status to illegal entrants from the US. It’s time to start enforcing the third party agreement. Immediately (within hours) deport any who illegally cross into Canada. There’s no excuse for allowing illegals to sneak into this country to become a criminal burden on Canadian taxpayers.
  • Deny social benefits to any non working immigrant with less than 5 years’ tenure in this country. Cut off these services to any immigrant and family who commit crimes. Deport imported criminals. If they don’t contribute taxes, they don’t qualify for taxpayer funded services. In the past prospective immigrants had to prove they had saved enough money to support themselves until they found a job – before coming to Canada. The federal government should reinstate this rule immediately. Denial of immediate social services and services for criminal migrants will remove the incentive for illegal entry and bogus refugee applications, and go a long way to solve Canada’s crime problem.
  • Dismantle the taxpayer funded crime palaces. Tear them all down, sell off the land. Use the money to give rent subsidies to tenants based on proven financial need, not race. Anyone who commits a crime loses the rent subsidy permanently. Subsidized tenants would live scattered among the community in market rent housing. That would dismantle the criminal gang culture and do a lot to solve the gun crime problem. Stricter rules would force subsidized tenants to submit to regular home inspections. This would weed out abuses like crime, guns and proceeds of crime like fancy cars, electronics, etc.
  • Impose a time limit of 5 years on housing subsidies for non-disabled working age tenants. This will prevent abuses like multigenerational tenancies and unreported income. It will also incentivize working and/or skills training. If we sell off the crime palaces, we could use part of the money for job training.
  • Put a stop to the “where will they go” mentality of politicians, police and judges. Gun criminals don’t deserve to live on the taxpayer dime. The only way to solve the gun crime problem is to stop rewarding gun crime by selectively or not imposing consequences. Bleeding heart judges who overturn crime based evictions should be evicted from presiding over any subsidized housing cases.
  • End racial favouritism by imposing the same rules and consequences for all racial groups. Weed out and fire those in authority who practice racial favouritism. “If you do the crime, you do the time” – no matter what your race is.
  • Allow Canadians to arm themselves. Governments and law enforcement can’t or won’t get the guns off of our streets. An emergency call to the police in Toronto entails waiting an hour on hold. Then the cops seldom show up anyway. Clearly people need to be able to defend themselves. If a legal gun owner shoots a violent criminal while they’re committing a crime – consequences, and no loss.

Self Defense for Canadians?

Right now in Canada it’s illegal to own weapons for purely self defensive reasons. We get to own guns for target shooting, hunting and vermin control on farms. Our weapons laws allow very few people to own or carry defensive weapons like pistols or handguns. Canada’s biggest gun crime problem is that criminals can arm themselves with impunity while leaving citizens defenseless. Police don’t protect the public. By the time cops show up to a violent incident, victims are already dead and the thugs long gone. Even our non-firearm weapons laws are a farce.

Canadians can’t carry or use pepper spray or mace on humans. We can’t carry striking weapons like brass knuckles, batons or billy clubs. Law abiding citizens can’t carry knives designed as defensive weapons. We can’t carry stun guns unless they’re in the form of batons over a certain length. Even then we can’t use them on an attacking human. If we use an improvised weapon such as a cane to defend ourselves, police will charge us with assault. Meanwhile the real assailant walks free.

When it comes to self-defense in Canada, the insane are running the asylum, and crooks have more rights than citizens. Don’t let liberal excuses fool you – Canada has a gun crime problem. Authorities are not doing enough to solve it.

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