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Racism Redefined

“Progressives” have weaponized the word “racism”. For them, it’s a way to shut anyone down who disagrees with their views, even if those views have nothing to do with race. And “anyone” in their parlance, means “anyone white” because they claim that only whites can be racist. Clearly this belief is a double standard – and it makes no logical or evolutionary sense, at least to most people. Progressives, however, deliberately conflate the word “racism” with “bigotry”. Unlike racism, bigotry is ignorant, hateful and narrow-minded intolerance of anyone different. In my experience, it’s the progressives who are most guilty of bigotry, especially towards whites.

Racism or Freedom Of Association?

My view of racism is that it’s an ancient evolutionary instinct which served an important purpose for our ancestors. In fact, most higher species of animals still share the same instinct. “Racism” could more accurately be called “speciesism” because its evolutionary purpose is to ensure genetic purity and prevent interbreeding among closely related species. In this sense, racism emphasizes differences between closely related species and the preservation of those differences. What’s wrong with being different? Everything, if you’re an irrational progressive.

Racism is essentially a preference to be with one’s own kind. That preference includes a disinclination to breed or socialize with outsiders, even those who are similar. It even includes recognizing and visually scanning faces differently based on the race of the other person. Back in early human evolution, several hominid species evolved, and many of them lived in overlapping territories. Some of these early species disappeared when they hybridized with closely related species.

Over time, those who refused to mate and socialize with similar species passed on their pure genes and continued their genetic line. They formed cultures and civilizations which they defended against outsiders – racism again. Species which interbred became hybrids. Their original genetic lines, cultures and any civilizations they created were lost, and they did not pass down their original genes.

Hybridization Destroys Species

Even among animals, hybrids like lion/tiger or horse/donkey are created by man. The animals are put together with no choice but to mate with each other, or they are artificially inseminated. Their young are mostly sterile (another evolutionary trait designed to prevent interspecies hybridization). In the wild, none of these creatures would mate with each other under normal circumstances. They would only do so under duress, for example of the population of one species plummeted and they had no choice but to mate with a nearby similar species (as is happening between polar bears and grizzlies now). So does this mean animals practice racism? Indeed it does – and what’s wrong with that?

Race or Species – The DNA Coverup

My belief, based on DNA and other scientific and archaeological evidence, is that there’s no such thing as “race” as progressives misunderstand it. I believe that each human “race” is so different from the others that they are actually subspecies of Homo sapiens. Assuming I’m correct, human DNA sequencing would show that these “races” are really subspecies.

Scientists have already performed the human DNA sequencing, with next to no fanfare, which suggests that the progressive scientific community doesn’t want us to know that we’re not “all the same”. This is borne out by the fact that anyone can spend $100+ to send a DNA sample to certain companies, and receive a report telling them what part of the world their ancestors came from – but nothing about the race of those ancestors. Instead, they only tell their customers which countries their ancestors came from – conflating genetics with geography. Pathologists can tell from a glance at a human skull or teeth which race the person belonged to, but “Ancestry DNA” refuses to tell their customers which race(s) their ancestors belonged to based on DNA?

Ethnic DNA
Ancestry DNA’s example of “ethnicity” – conflating genetics with geography to avoid accusations of racism

Scientists have mapped the human genome, but good luck finding the complete results published anywhere, particularly comparisons of DNA by race. In fact, Dr. James Watson, one of the Nobel Prize winning discoverers of DNA’s structure, believes that blacks are genetically less intelligent than Whites. His scientific career was destroyed as a result. Blacks and their allies prefer to cling to the notion that lower intelligence in blacks is due to racism by whites. Watson became the first Nobel laureate to sell his Nobel Prize medal to put food on the table. Any other DNA scientist who dares to expose the differences between the DNA of racial and ethnic groups, would fear the same treatment. Hence the silence from companies like Ancestry DNA about DNA differences between “races”.

That said, recent studies dated August 2018 clearly show that differences in intelligence between human races/subspecies are irrefutably reflected in DNA.

Race vs DNA
A list of genetic markers which explains why sub-Saharan Africans are less intelligent than European races. References are at the bottom of the page.

How Humanity Evolved Into Different Ethnoracial Groups

As humanity spread out from its African roots over millions of years, people evolved different traits to enable them to survive in the places where they migrated. As more and more new traits arose, they eventually evolved into new subspecies of Homo sapiens.

For example, whites evolved in colder places with less sunlight, so their skin lightened to allow them to absorb as much light as possible for vitamin D synthesis. As whites migrated to colder, harsher environments, they had to evolve higher intelligence to survive. They had to learn how to build sturdy buildings to shelter themselves from wind and snow. White people had to gather or grow food in the summer and store it for the winter. They had to keep themselves warm with heavy clothing and fire. These people needed to form close knit civilizations so that people would share their buildings with others of their subspecies. Finally, they had to defend their habitations from those outside of their own subspecies. Defending possessions or territory against people of a different race than your own is a form of racism by today’s standards.

In hot, sunny climes, skin darkened to prevent burning and block excess sunlight. In some cases (mongoloid and South Asian races) eyelids and eye shape evolved to block excess sunlight, sand and wind. Buildings were often less sturdy and portable. Many groups of people developed nomadic civilizations to follow food sources such as seasonal plants and migrating animals.

Blacks: A Separate Species?

Negroes are very different from other human subspecies. They have evolved to survive the heat and sun of Africa, a different kind of harsh environment from what other humans had to deal with. The sickle cell gene changed the shape of their blood cells to create resistance to blood borne parasites. Now, that same gene is a liability for modern negroes in developed countries. Another liability is the fact that, since they didn’t migrate to colder environments, negroes didn’t develop the same kinds of civilizations or technology.

For example, negroes didn’t have to learn to make clothing or build sturdy homes to keep themselves warm. They didn’t have to develop agriculture or the foresight to prepare and store food for harsh winters. Most ancient African civilizations were hunter-gatherers. They lived by taking what they needed from the land where they lived. Often they were nomads who followed migrating game and the growing seasons of edible plants. Groups or “tribes” competed with each other for resources, which led to tribal warfare, murder, imprisonment of war captives, slavery, and theft. To this day, many Africans still live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and tribal wars and slavery are still rampant across the continent. Africa’s political instability, corruption, poor security, lack of infrastructure and a scarcity of skilled labor are the biggest deterrents to Africa economic independent growth.

Today, the majority of negroes are having more difficulty functioning successfully in mainstream Western societies than any other group, with markedly higher crime, addiction and poverty rates than other subspecies. This is because Western civilizations operate under much different rules and norms than African civilizations do. For example, many of the crimes committed by modern blacks such as theft can be traced back to the hunter gatherer lifestyle, where available resources were theirs for the taking. In Western society everything belongs to someone, and taking it is considered a crime. Today’s negroes form criminal gangs which engage in tribal warfare against each other, as they do in Africa. Once again this results in murder, human trafficking (slavery), theft, and other crimes. Blacks in Western countries are often dependent on handouts to survive. In Africa many are dependent on foreign aid and groups like UNICEF, so much so that they now do little but sit around waiting for the next aid shipment to arrive.

Blacks are vastly different (physically, mentally and genetically) from Homo sapiens and H. sapiens subspecies. Honest DNA analysis may show that we should consider negroes a separate species. Even their gestation period is shorter than H. sapiens by a month, and they reach puberty at a younger age (8 years vs 12 for non blacks). This is a mark of a separate species, as mammalian gestation periods and ages of sexual maturity do not vary among subspecies.

Why Negroid Genetic Traits Make It Harder For Them To Succeed

Certainly negroes share an incredible number of traits with chimpanzees, whose habitat they share. These include a lack of impulse control and increased physical strength and agility. They also share a low threshold for violent outbursts, sociopathy, lack of parenting skills, and markedly lower intelligence scores. The craniofacial features of both negroes and chimpanzees are similar, with undershot jaws, low foreheads, enlarged lips, wide noses, and very dark, almond shaped eyes.

No wonder scientists swept the controversial results of any negroid DNA studies under the rug. They fear making the same mistake as Dr James Watson and having their careers ruined by racism accusations. People tend to be insulted if they’re compared with apes. However, chimps already share 99% of their DNA with all humans, and they share a lot of behaviours with us as well. That shared DNA can be expressed in different ways, depending on the human subspecies. Here’s an article which gives a list of negative behaviours that chimps share with certain humans. We read about these activities in the crime pages all too often. As I previously mentioned, negroes commit the most violent crime per capita compared with other groups. This propensity for crime is explained in part by their stronger behavioural resemblance to chimpanzees compared to other human ethnoracial groups.

It’s OK To Be Different – As Long As You Have An Outlet

Whether or not they are a separate species from H. sapiens, blacks are simply different, with different evolved traits. Every humanoid race or species is different and has their own aptitudes and weaknesses. What may seem like a weakness or deficiency in black people often translates to unique talents that other races lack. For example, the increased strength and propensity for outbursts serves negroes well in pro sports or jobs that require physical skill, stamina and strength. Deep mouths and throats give many an extraordinary talent for singing (or rapping).

Sadly, when a young black person is born into a dysfunctional environment, many of their inborn skills go to waste. They have no constructive outlet for their talents or their physical strength. This leads to a dead end life of failure, crime and incarceration. Unfortunately today’s tendency is to sweep differences under the rug and pretend they don’t exist. We should focus on identifying and nurturing a person’s unique talents and skills. That way, we might find the key to reducing crime, poverty and violence among racial groups who are having trouble succeeding. Instead, progressives encourage and reward negative black behaviours by excusing them and blaming them on whites. They do this to avoid accusations of racism and complaints from negroes.

Square Pegs In Round Holes

Pretending that “we are all the same” to avoid false and manipulative accusations of racism does everyone a disservice. When people are markedly different, society treats them like square pegs crammed into round holes. Many races don’t succeed as well as others because they now live in societies created by other races. A second reason, which is becoming increasingly apparent as scientists release new research results, is that most human traits come from genetics including race, not upbringing or environment.

It’s harmful to expect a person with one set of genetic traits to succeed in a world created by those with different traits. For many ethnicities it leads to a permanent state of failure and dependency. Progressives are in denial about this fact, and prefer to pretend that “everyone is the same” while blaming white people for the situation, giving groups that fail handouts and special treatment, and using non-existent, weaponized accusations of racism as an excuse that absolves those groups of responsibility to make positive changes or become self sufficient. Ironically, ethnoracial enclaves and ethnostates are OK with progressives – as long as they aren’t for whites!

The progressive, racist double standard about ethnic enclaves

Longing For Their Own Ethnostate

Ironically, in 2018 progressives released a movie called Black Panther, about a negro superhero from a secretive but highly advanced African ethnostate called Wakanda. This movie was wildly popular with blacks. No wonder, who wouldn’t want to live in a utopian civilization created by and populated 100% with your own kind? A civilization where everyone is wealthy and successful, hidden from non-black outsiders. A lot of non-blacks made fun of the movie and its popularity, but I believe that the positive response to it stems directly from our ancient instinct to be “racists” who prefer the company of our own kind, and who prefer to live in civilizations founded by our own people.

A promo pic from the movie Black Panther featuring the fictional black-only ethnostate. Racism?

During the 20th century, the blacks fought to be integrated into white society. Now, after decades of poverty and difficulty integrating in a blended society, blacks now dream of having their own ethnostate.

We need to face up to the following facts:

  • Leftist hysteria and racial witch hunts are hampering the science of human genetics and DNA sequencing. Hysteria has also tainted historical studies. We need to encourage unbiased scientific and historical study of human evolution and race, in order to better understand differences between groups of people.
  • There’s nothing wrong with being different. Different genetics make a species stronger.
  • Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. We must recognize and celebrate these differences. We should not declare them “evil” and sweep them under the rug for the sake of a political agenda.
  • If a group of people isn’t thriving in a society they didn’t create, we should encourage them to create their own separate societies or ethnostates.
  • Those who succeed in life are not to blame when others fail. It’s up to those who are having difficulty to take responsibility for solving their own problems. Right now those who fail blame their failures on people who succeed, or on past historical events.
  • The cure for dependency is encouraging those who fail to succeed on their own terms, not someone else’s. Reward achievement instead of blindly giving handouts and rewarding non-achievers. Rewarding failure leads to more and deeper failures. Handouts lead to a never ending cycle of dependency.


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